Come to the Table

Come to the Table: a reflection on the practice of open communion at saint benedict’s table by Jamie Howison, published under our own saint benedict’s table imprint.



hroughout its 2,000-year history, and in most of its forms and expressions, the Christian church has built its common life on the twin pillars of baptism and communion.

From ancient times, participation in communion was understood as a sacrament of redemption in Christ and of participation in his Body. It was a privilege and responsibility extended only to those who have first been initiated through baptism.

In our own day, many Christian communities are beginning to depart from this pattern, and to practice what is called an “open table,” extending the invitation to communion to the whole gathered community.

This study offers a reflection on one community’s practice of open table, and on its efforts to both articulate and embody a new understanding of the relationship between eucharistic hospitality and Christian initiation.

Copies of the book can be mail-ordered for $10 (including postage) by contacting us.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I am asking for four copies ASAP

    The Rev. Canon Dr. Duke Vipperman
    148 Bastedo Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario M4C 3N1

  4. byron says:

    I’ll take a copy Jamie, and I will send the ten spot right away. Please sign it for me…I love all my books to be signed by the gifter…in this case…you.
    Don’t get all whipped about this…I sign books I give to myself. Hee!

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