Rest in peace, rise in glory

a nod to Oliver Schroer, for taking his audience on his pilgrimage of faith

schroerimage2.jpegThe Canadian violinist Oliver Schroer made one of my favourite albums of all time, Camino, which actually appears on this site in my list of my personal top 10 albums for the life of faith.  Camino is an extraordinary project: a series of recordings made as he walked a 1000 km of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage though France and Spain.  Go take a listen to the sample embedded in my list, just to get a bit of a feel for what he did on the project.

 Well, on July 3, 2008, Schroer succumbed to leukemia, but not until he had added one more album to his catalogue, Hymns and Hers, yet another exploration of the stuff of faith.

From his hospital bed, he told a Toronto Star reporter, “We’re all dying, you know,” and then added,  “At the moment we pass through that portal, things rearrange themselves so thoroughly (that) it cannot make any sense to us now. I have the feeling that, at the moment that I slip across, it will make ultimate sense. And I’m not going to look back.”

schroerimages.jpegAnyone who has any sense that this walk of faith is actually a walk, and not just some set of foregone conclusions, would do well to pay attention to Schroer; to Camino in particular, but also to the shape that his life took as he walked toward his death.  It is good to have such guides as we make our various ways on this walk of life, of faith, even of death.

Jamie Howison

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