A Summer Prayer


received this prayer in an e-mail from Ken Carter, one of the folks I was with on my June 2008 writing workshop at the Collegeville Institute.  I think it quite wonderfully encapsulates what we all wish, hope, pray that the summer season could be.

A Summer Prayer

O God of every time and season
we give thanks for rhythms of work and rest
for places apart that mark our years
for the eternal return of ocean waves
for the defiant posture of mountains
for the hiddenness of favorite coves
for pilgrimages made and then homecomings.
O God, in this season we are grateful
for sanity regained
for blessings discovered
for those who return to us
and for those who leave.
Teach us, God of wonder and creation
that your presence is woven into
the comings and goings of our lives
and having fled to our own lonely places
let us return, with Jesus
to live and work
to heal and pray
to worship and love.

Dr. Kenneth Carter is the senior pastor at Providence United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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