A wild time

The first SBT day camp


ake 16 incredible kids, abundant activity, bikes, trails, water, silly stories, laughter, mud puddles, tons of running, climbing holds, a bouldering wall, and creativity, mix it all together, and you get the first ever st. ben’s day camp, run at our home near Birds Hill Park.


Some of the kids at the camp were from st. ben’s, and others came as a result of a connection to our family.  Our dream was to have a mix of ages of kids involved, and our campers were aged 6-13.  It was so rich for kids to have an experience of something community based as opposed to peer based, something that felt like spending the week with a big family, something quite personal and reflective of what real communities are.

Our mornings were spent in skill development in the areas of biking and bouldering, where each camper was encouraged to challenge themselves and see what they could accomplish.  Capture the Flag, group bike rides at Birds Hill Park, art projects, free time where many kids chose to post-2.jpgcontinue working on their biking skills, a massive water fight, and a Folk Fest style mud puddle filled our afternoons.

There was much laughter during our daily “Silly Stories with Cale” where ridiculous wigs, 70’s style dresses, and melodramatic scripts delivered the promised silliness.

Perhaps some of the greatest creativity of the day came out during the “Just Imagine …” time where as a group we brought the rich imaginations God has gifted us with together with stories from the Bible to see how God might want to meet us in those stories, what He might want to speak to us through them.  What incredible insights the kids had into these stories as they imagined themselves in them, imagined storms and crowds and people’s thoughts and feelings, imagined children playing and a tax man looking down from a tree, imagined water-walking and the face of Jesus.post-4.jpg

Thanks to all who offered so much affirmation of the idea and encouragement to our family.  It was an honour to share this experience with the st. ben’s community and with each of the kids who were part of the adventure.

We took some pictures, of course!  Click here to see some photos.

Corinne Plett

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