Prayer of the people | August 31


f any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me”.  Father, thank you for this invitation we heard in Matthew’s gospel and that your presence is woven into the comings and goings of our lives.  May you be welcomed in our vocations, in the sacred spaces where we invite friendship, enjoy family life, and embrace community.  We ask your presence in all the tables we surround – in conversation around literature, in celebration of various art forms, and in the sacraments of worship.
Lord in Your Mercy…

O God, as we celebrate the last weekend of summer, we give thanks for the rhythm of work and rest; for safe travels, for reunions with family and friends, for beach walks, and campfire talks.  May we enjoy the smells, colours, and tastes of autumn, resume our fall schedules at a gradual pace, and remain open to the endless possibilities of a life rooted in Christ.  We ask your blessing and protection on Jamie and his family in their travels, for Lola and her Home Uganda Project and for the Sisters of the Church in Burlington.
Lord in Your Mercy…

As we brace for a fall federal election, we pray for candidates that truly exhibit values of honesty, integrity and accountability – to create a model for a fair, just and balanced society.  We pray for effective stewardship of our resources; to be creative and intentional in what we purchase, transportation options and the greenspaces entrusted in our care.  Globally, we remember victims of the chronic, constant threat of war and for our troops deployed all over the world.  We pray for Manitoba farmers recovering from flash floods, Winnipeg homes destroyed by lightning and those in the wake of tropical storm Gustav.
Lord in Your Mercy…

This evening we are reminded of people around us and among us that are in need.  We pray for those experiencing loss, sickness, and roadblocks to change.  Heal us so we can heal, save us so we can save.  Please take a moment to mention anyone needing prayers at this time.  God, we ask that you forgive us our sins, for when we put our trust in ourselves, we take our eyes off of you.  Grant your peace to those who have died; comfort to those who mourn.
Lord in Your Mercy…

Once again, the table is set for all to participate in your banquet.  Breathe your Spirit upon us and upon the bread and wine, that they may be heaven’s food and drink for us – renewing, sustaining and making us whole.  May we be your body here on earth – loving and caring for the world.  In our speech, song, cry, laugh or in our silence – in the profound and in the ordinary – help us to proclaim and find you God.

Written by Nancy Constantine for worship at
saint benedict’s table on August 31, 2008

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