Following a friend along his gravel road journey

Gerald Folkerts’ ongoing battle with cancer



his post is both an invitation to walk with Gerald Folkerts in his current battle with cancer, and a call to prayer for Gerald, his wife Arlis, and their four children.

gerald-folkerts.JPGThe Folkerts are members of Covenant Christian Reformed Church, but for some time now they’ve related to saint ben’s as their second church home.  Gerald may also be known to some of you as an artist, and one of the contributors and organizers of last year’s amazing “Invisible Dignity Project,” an art project that will have another showing this fall in Edmonton.  Well, just over a month ago now Gerald was diagnosed with brain cancer, and almost overnight found himself in surgery and then in treatment.

His journey is being blogged as Gravel Road Journey; a moving and courageous online journal of his life with cancer.  Actually, it is more than a cancer journal, in that it speaks to – and asks hard questions of – the stuff of faith.   This gravel road is one worth watching.

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  1. Murray Krushel says:

    Hi Gerald, we have not met, but my wife and I attend St Benedict’s table and by your picture, I recall seeing you at the service last Sunday night. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey through your blog, that is most generous. You will be in my prayers.


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