Going to Church in the 1st Century

a series of saint benedict’s table home communions


ver the next two months, saint benedict’s table is going to be presenting a seriescommunion-icon.jpg of home communions, based on the pattern of the 1st Century church.  In part, these will be educational, in that you will learn something of how the early church gathered for its worship, and you’ll be able to see how our practice of communion is rooted in ancient practice.  These will also be social events, meant to connect people in our community in a series of smaller gatherings.

Four households have indicated a willingness to host one of these home communion gatherings, and you are encouraged to sign up to attend one of them.  You will be asked to bring a designated food or wine to share, and these food choices are those which might have been brought to church in the ancient world; olives, bread, cheese, and hummus.  The four households have different capacities, and we have also noted whether or not there are pets in the home.

The evenings will run from 7:30 to 9:30 or so, with the actual liturgical part taking less than an hour.

These events are meant to be for all ages, and families with children are encouraged to take part.

All dates have already passed or are  booked solid, with the exception of Thursday November 20.  If you’d like to join us for that one, please send a message through the contact us feature on this site, and we’ll then get back in touch with the address and to determine which food or drink item you should bring.If you want to see a bit more on our experience of this program last year, you can read about it in the online journal Open (this is a pdf file | 268 kb).

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  2. Mike Morrell says:

    Wow, this looks amazing. I’d love to come and see how it resonates/contrasts with the meal-gatherings we have in our house churches. Too bad I live in the Southeast US!

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