Prayer of the people | October 19

This evening the responses in the litany are taken from the order of service from the funeral of Princess Diana of Wales.

It is a still, quiet time these days as the earth prepares to go to sleep for a season.  We are gathering leaves, bringing in the harvest, filling our larders with what will bring us comfort in the coming months.  As we remain open to the senses of autumn; the smells, the sound of the leaves disintegrating under our feet, the rustle of the wind in the trees, the visual of colors, and the still-warm sun and the bright harvest moon.  May we be equally open to the transparency of you to us, O God.  In the words of the Exodus reading, we learn of a somewhat timid Moses’ need  to see God – and hear the many words related to that – show me, let me see, needing to see God, favor in your sight.  Keep our eyes equally fixed on you in our vocations, in the sacred spaces where we invite friendship, enjoy family life and embrace community.
Lord of the loving, hear our prayer.

We welcome you God, however you intersect our lives – in art, in music, in conversation, in silence, in the circle of the sacraments.  We pray for the Sisters of the Church in Burlington who pray for us, Agape Table whom we pledge to support, and for reciprocity – that represents balance in the giving and taking, the empty and the full, the solitary and the collective.  We remember Lola and her Home Uganda Project.
Lord of the faithful, hear our prayer.

We pray for victims’ families in their tireless efforts to seek justice for perpetrators in senseless deaths.  For the Taimen and McLean families, we ask that their crusades not be fuelled by anger and grief but by integrity and efforts to move forward and raise consciousness and awareness.  We remember Crystal and Tim and the lives of others who have passed from this life.
Lord of the bereaved, hear our prayer.

Globally, we bring to you our world broken and diminished by greed.  We pray for troops in Afghanistan and other regions, for people beyond our borders and in this city who are hungry, for those who struggle against roadblocks beyond their control.  We pray for the new minority government – that will steer us through the current economic slump; that will be steered by values of fairness, justice, and equality; that will not be steered by egos, personalities and pride.  As we look ahead to our planet’s preservation, please give us an ongoing renewal of commitment as stewards of the earth.  Instill in us a consciousness, a keen awareness, a personal philosophy in our daily use of resources, choice of products and modes of transportation.  South of us, as we witness their election antics, may their new leader be a supportive, receptive, strong ally to Canadians.
Lord of the nations, hear our prayer.

This evening we are reminded of people around us and among us experiencing, loss, sickness, or personal barriers to move forward.  May your holy embrace ease the deepest, darkest wounds to transform hurt and heartache to healing. Heal us so we can heal; save us so we can save. We pray for Jackie at the St. Boniface Palliative Care Unit waiting for her eternal rest.  Please take a moment to give voice to other names of family and friends in need…
We ask your forgiveness of our sins and when we have failed you; for when we put our trust in ourselves; we take our eyes off of you.
Lord of the brokenhearted, hear our prayer.
Lord of the suffering, hear our prayer.

For all the tables that characterize our movement at saint benedict’s table, we remember the table of creativity in art, the table of hospitality in the sharing of food, of discussion and learning; the table of worship in the sacraments.  As we come to your table this evening, we thank you that you invite us to eat and drink at no cost.  As the gospel lesson reminds us, to you there is no favoritism or impartiality.  You are less concerned in who we are but that we continue to come.  So we do – we come, we cry, we watch, we wait, we look, we long for you.
Lord of the compassionate, hear our prayer.


Written (in-part) and prayed by Nancy Constantine during worship at
saint benedict’s table on October 19, 2008

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