Prayer of the people | October 26

I call the community into a time of prayer.

God, you have called your people to love you completely with body, mind and soul.  May we seek to enact this daily, opening ourselves to a fuller understanding of the intense simplicity of this commandment of love.  As part of this, may our regular dealings with each other be marked with the same kind of committed love, filled with understanding, grace and honesty.
In your mercy

We pray for your church throughout the world.  In times of peace and times of discord, may we seek to be unified, ready to do and be heard, yet equally prepared to listen and seek understanding.  We pray for Lola and Roger and their continued work in Uganda, for the Sisters’ of the Church in Burlington, and for Agape Table, may your hand rest upon each and guide and strengthen them as they seek to do your work.
In your mercy

We pray for this community of saint benedict’s table.  Thank you for the opportunity to gather together to worship, reflect and be.   Amidst the busyness of our hectic lives, may we seek to remain faithful to you and to each other, remembering well that all of our needs are met in you.
In your mercy

We pray for the needs of our world both near and far.  For the turmoil that continues to plague those parts of our world that are war torn; for leaders the world over seeking to serve their communities in the best way possible and for the families and communities in our province and abroad experiencing unrest, may the peace longed for by so many, one day be known to all.
In your mercy

We pray for the needs of those known to us; for those who are sick or suffering, alone or isolated, or who have other needs and challenges. We offer those names aloud to you now Lord…
For those named, thought of and forgotten,
In your mercy

As we prepare ourselves for the week that awaits, Lord may our actions be in line with our thinking, and may you be at the forefront of both.


Written by Brett Schmall for worship at
saint benedict’s table on October 26, 2008

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