Steve Bell's "Devotion" album

 Steve Bell offers up a new recording, largely consisting of music developed within the liturgical life of saint benedict’s table.



e’re pleased to let you know that Steve Bell – internationally acclaimed musician and saint ben’s member – has just released a new CD, largely rooted in music written and developed by Gord Johnson for use in our community’s worship life.  Of the ten songs on Steve’s Devotion CD, eight are by Gord, and all will be very familiar to anyone who has spent any time in and around our community’s worship.

Of this project, Steve writes:

After last year’s gargantuan effort to produce the Symphony CD and tour (which was wonderfully received – thank you) I thought, we all thought, I’d take a break and lay low for awhile. However, there has been a growing body of new, contemplative worship songs sung at my home church in Winnipeg  that has been deeply nourishing while at the same time creating in me a compelling sense that they needed to be recorded.  So in January, still somewhat wearied from the previous year, I showed up in Vancouver at the doorstep of producer Roy Salmond with a pocket full of songs and no real idea how best to proceed. Over the course of the next several months Roy and I pursued and developed a creative rapport that has resulted in what I think is a wonderful, accessible and fresh collection of simple song-prayers offered with respect to the same liturgical arc of worship that feeds us week after week, year after year, century after century. One never knows till after the fact if one’s goals have been achieved, but I hope this album will stand on it’s own as a listenable work while at the same time effecting worship of the ineffable God whose beauty is arresting and whose wisdom and love are inexhaustible.

You can get a copy of the CD at the church, or you can go to the Signpost website and order one online. You can get samples of the songs at the Signpost website and also explore other information on the project.


Incidentally, you might be interested to know that one of the two songs not written by Gord – a deceptively simple song called He Will Know – was co-written by Byron O’Donnell, who hangs his hat with us at saint ben’s when he’s visiting from his home in Dryden, Ontario.

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  1. Paul Sowers says:

    Just a note to say thanks. I stumbled upon you site about a year ago and love it. As a former Lutheran pastor struggling to find a spiritual home, I’m grateful for your thoughful, prayerful, substantive stuff.

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