Dylan and the liturgy

It is not often that I have reason to write about “unique” Sunday liturgies; after all, part of what makes a liturgical church tick is its steady and ongoing use of an anchoring liturgical form.  But every once in a while, it is important to offer up a new angle.  Here’s a little bit on how one of our less conventional evenings ran.


hat we playfully called “a Bob Dylan Mass” took placekoop.jpg on Sunday, November 9.  The irrepressible Mike Koop selected five different Dylan songs that he thought would work in the context of worship, and then assembled a fine ensemble of saint ben’s musicians to lead us in finding our collective voice with this material.  You can take a look at a great reflection on the evening by Brother Maynard at his Subversive Influence blog.

We also had a guest preacher for the evening, Dr Christopher Holmes from Providence Theological Seminary.  His sermon will be posted as a podcast on this site sometime over the coming few weeks.

Mike has recorded very spare versions of the selected songs, and put them up on his YouTube page, so you can go take a listen to the material we used.

By the way, if you know Dylan’s music at all well, you may know that of that trilogy of “born again” albums only Slow Train Coming received decent critical reviews, while both Shot of Love and Saved were almost universally reviled.  In one session of listening, Mike has managed to totally challenge my stereotypes about Saved

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  2. Good luck with the Bob Dylan mass — sounds fun, and he’s certainly got enough suitable material for it! If you’d like, send me the liturgy and I’ll post it or link to it on the U2charist resources page. :)

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