Prayer of the people | January 11


e call the community into a time of prayer.

Almighty God, you sent your Son to proclaim your kingdom and to teach with authority. Anoint us with the power of your Spirit, that we, too, may bring good news to the afflicted, bind up the brokenhearted and proclaim liberty to the captive; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
Lord in your mercy…

Grateful for the glory revealed today through God made man. Father of light, unchanging God,
 today you reveal to men of faith the resplendent fact of the Word made flesh.
Your light is strong, Your love is near; draw us beyond the limits which this world imposes, 
to the life where Your Spirit makes all life complete.
Lord in your mercy…

Lord God remind us again that in our journey with you that when darkness overwhelms us
your dawn will beckon us;
When fear paralyzes us, your touch will release us;
When grief torments us, your peace will enfold us;
When memories haunt us, your presence will heal us;
When apathy stagnates us, your challenge will renew us;
and when death threatens us,  your resurrection light will lead us.
Lord in your mercy…

Be also with those whose hope has been diminished. Be with the homeless, the weary, the over-worked, the unemployed, the hungry, the refugees and those who are grieving. Be with those who live in lands where there is war and strife and who suffer innocently. Be with those who serve our country. And Lord bring us peace, and to this world of yours your special love.
Lord in your mercy…

We pray for the needs of Christ’s church, in all of its forms throughout the world.  We pray for this community saint benedict’s table and for the churches from which we are drawn and for the many ways it finds expression; through art and music, community service & dialogue and the ongoing study of your word. At this time we also pray for the the community of the Sisters of the Church in Burlington who this day have prayed  for us.  And for Lola and Roger in Uganda, we pray for them personally and as they further their “Home” ministry there. We also pray especially for Agape Table, please bless their efforts as they serve the many who are hungry, every day.
Lord in your mercy…

Lord you have called the light to shine out of darkness and you have again awoken us to praise you for your goodness and to ask for your grace; accept our offering of worship and thanksgiving and grant us these requests only as they may be acceptable to your will.  Make us to live as children of the light, and heirs of your everlasting kingdom. Remember, Lord, according to your many mercies your whole church and all who join us in prayer, and all our brothers and sisters wherever they might be who stand in need of your aid. Pour down upon us all the riches of your grace, so that we may be redeemed in body and soul and steadfast in faith and ever seeking to praise your wonderful and holy name.
Lord in your mercy…

We pray for the needs of those known to us; for those who are sick or suffering, alone or isolated or who have other needs and challenges. We offer those names aloud to you now Lord…
For these named aloud, and those spoken in the silence of our hearts and even for those for whom we have forgotten to pray.
Lord in your mercy…

Let there be no gap between us and Christ, for if there is any gap, immediately we perish.
 For the building stands because it is cemented together. Let us not then merely keep hold of Christ, but let us be cemented to him. Let us cleave to him by our works. He is the head, we are the body. He is the foundation, we the building. He is the vine, we the branches.  He is the bridegroom, we the bride. He is the shepherd, we the sheep. He is the way, we walk in it.  Again, we are the temple, he the indweller. He is the only begotten, we the brothers and sisters. He is the heir, we the heirs together with him. He is the life, we the living. He is the resurrection, we those who rise again. He is the light, we the enlightened.


Written by Lorne Penner for worship at
saint benedict’s table on January 11, 2009.

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