Folkerts | Unfinished Business

a remarkable way to close the exhibit  

On February 1, 2009, some 150 people gathered at Winnipeg’s Outworks Gallery to mark the formal closing of an exhibit of the work of artist Gerald Folkerts.  While
folkerts_artexhibit openings are more or less the norm in the art world, a formal closing is a bit unusual.  In the case of Unfinished Business, it was all the more unusual, in that the closing was marked by prayer, music, and a meditative address built around readings from the Book of Psalms.

In September 2008 Gerald Folkerts was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and later in the fall a group of friends and supporters came together to begin work on mounting an exhibit of his work.  Defying all expectation, Gerald was sufficiently strong not only to attend the exhibit but also to speak at both the official opening and this recorded closing.

This recording includes prayers and a benediction by Jamie Howison, music by Steve Bell, and an address by Dr Calvin Seerveld, professor emeritus of the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.

Visit this site for more information on the art of Gerald Folkerts.

There are two ways to hear this podcast (runs 30:19):


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