Prayer of the people | February 15


od our Father
Many of us come from an ugly grey world of confines. Of bars, cells, whether these are literal, physical, spiritual, emotional and or mental.
Some of us struggle with drug dependence and alcohol addiction.
Some of us come from broken homes or were abused as children.
Many of us know deep brokenness rejection and failure that others may have experienced only superficially.
Father, considering these realities, we praise you that we are here. That despite our very backgrounds and painful life experiences you have given us life. A new life to live for our Saviour Jesus.
Thank you Father that your gospel changes lives and overcomes obstacles.
Father, we await your continued healing, not in our timing but in yours, not in what we yield to you but as a result of your sovereign will.
Father, bless and heal your children.
Lord in your mercy…

Father we pray for your church. Teach us how to work with patience, love, understanding, forgiveness and perseverance, so that we may stand with our brothers and sisters, sharing in their sufferings, supporting them in their failure and brokenness for as long as it takes, confident in your perfect timing that they (we) will make it.
Lord in your mercy…

Father we are called by our risen Christ and instructed by the Holy Spirit that in coming to those less fortunate we are coming to Him.
We pray for the ministries that happen here and go from here.
We pray for the homeless and those that minister to them, Lord give them shelter.
Lord in your mercy…

We pray for those that hunger and for those that minister to them, Lord give them daily bread.
Lord in your mercy…

We pray for those that are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances. We pray especially for those who desire and want our prayers.
Lord in your mercy…

Lord God, thank you for the witness and the Good News of your word that lets us know of your great deeds. Continue your miracles amongst us and enable and equip us to be your gospel people.

Written by Vincent Solomon for worship at
saint benedict’s table on February 15, 2009.

Adapted from Charles Colson’s book Who Speaks For God.

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