Si Smith's "40"

A remarkable resource for Lent



I really want to alert people to a wonderful resource for Lent, by the UK cartoonist Si Smith.  A year or two back, and over the course of the 40 day Lenten season, Smith drew one panel a day to be posted on his church website, and since then there has been an explosion of interest in the project.

It isn’t hard to find it on the ‘net, with versions easily available on YouTube.  You can go there to take a look, but you might also be interested in getting at a legal download through the mayBe site of the Anglican Diocese of Oxford.  For just a couple of Canadian dollars, you can get permission to do a download and thereby own a copy for use in your own context.

What makes Smith’s work so wonderful is that for all of the simplicity of the cartoon medium, he manages to express some things – and raise some questions – of significant theological depth.  It is a treasure.  Go see for yourself.


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