Prayer of the people | April 19


ear Jesus, the story of Easter continues. It has been a week since we met in this place to celebrate your victory over death. In that week, we have seen transition in the earth – moving from the darkness of winter to the promise of spring.   Resurrect in us that same amazement and renewed awareness of your living presence in our lives.
Let us pray to the Lord;  Hear us Lord of glory.

Father the lessons tonight focus on community life – on fair distribution of resources, on strengthening the community’s faith, on moving to a rhythm of prayer, work, hospitality, learning, feasting and fasting. Give us that sense where we cannot rest if we know there is one among us in need. We welcome the value of doubt in our faith journey. We pray for the broader communion, for supporting the vision of this community while we uphold the deep-rooted essence of the Anglican tradition. We pray for the Sisters of the Church and for Lola and Roger. Resurrect in us the divine direction of our parish life and draw people to this, a safe haven of Christian love and embrace.
Let us pray to the Lord;  Hear us Lord of glory.

We remember the names and faces that come to us via the media. In a world where beauty and physical profiles dictate acceptance and success, we thank you for the global parable this week we have seen in the beautiful story of Susan Boyle. Thank you that you are a God that responds to the diversity of all people – the vulnerable and the empowered; the illiterate and the educated; the soldier and the civilian; the rich and the poor; the sick and the healthy; the doubtful and the faithful. We remember the life of Trooper Karine Blais who died in Kandahar this week, for her short but exemplary life of service. Resurrect in us the freedom from worldly consumerism and replace that ambition with the attainment of balance and fairness in all things.
Let us pray to the Lord;  Hear us Lord of glory.

As our city remains vulnerable to flooding, we invite you to influence the water like the moon shapes the tide. Please protect homes, dikes, emotions and the earth that provides vocation for farmers. Thank you for the evidence of community life we have seen on our streets this week in the sandbagging efforts. This evening we are reminded of people around us and among us that are in need. We pray for those experiencing loss, sickness, or roadblocks to change. Please take a moment to mention anyone needing prayers at this time….  God, we ask that you forgive us our sins, for when we put our trust in ourselves, we take our eyes off of you. Grant your eternal rest to those who have died and comfort those who mourn. Resurrect in us the capacity to invite light and life to any emptiness within.
Let us pray to the Lord;  Hear us Lord of glory.

Our service continues as we surround the Eucharistic table. Thank you for that open, inclusive invitation to eat and drink at no cost, with no need for reservation. Again and again, we come as a people estranged, a people asking absolution, a people seeking your grace. Resurrect in us holiness and wholeness in receiving your body and blood this Easter season.
Let us pray to the Lord;  Hear us Lord of glory.

At this moment, make us aware of the person sitting on either side of us – make us more open, more caring, and better for having met at this place. Illuminate the darkness in each of us and may your resurrection be lived through each of us – this day and the days ahead.


Written by Nancy Constantine for offering in worship, the second Sunday of Easter, April 19, 2009.

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