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As many of you will be aware, we have a connection to a project in Uganda called HOME, which offers housing and support to orphaned teenaged boys while they seek to finish their schooling.  Right now, saint ben’s member Bethany Berard is spending a month working with HOME, and we’ve just received an update from Lola Mugabi with news on how it is all going.


t is a cloudy day today which would normally hold the promise of rain… but we have been stuck in a bit of a drought and so those clouds may just disintegrate leaving us feeling disappointed and melting in the heat of the day.  We have been blessed with a few rainfalls in the last week, but the dry, thirsty ground soaks the water up as quickly as it falls…it is a tease, and we wait for the drenching rains to come and bless us with mud and the kaleidoscope of green vegetation that will follow.

April passed quickly and ended, in the lovely company of our delightful volunteer from Canada – Bethany Berard.  We are thankful for her safe journey, her willingness to give of herself and her presence in our family. Thanks be to God.

These days we are happy and busy; our boys are all home, and we have the blessed company of the lovely and charming Bethany who is with us until May 20th.  Having Bethany with us has already been a huge blessing. Her warm heart and her willingness to share of herself, her talents, her gifts and her love has already made an impact on our boys as well as the city of Kampala in general.  Bethany has implemented a wonderful program of swimming lessons in which our boys are thriving, learning as well as having fun! She has also started a reading program here in the HOME house and we hope this will encourage a reading culture in our family – which is seriously lacking in Uganda.  Her love for books shines through and her enthusiasm has spilled over…the boys are happy to be experiencing a story based in Canada, and are busy building a stronger vocabulary. As I write this, Roger is with Bethany and all of our boys in the village… we were all excited that she will have that experience of life in our village and have the chance to meet some of our extended family and friends who live there.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the journey with them, as I am entering my ninth month of this pregnancy and it is about 6 solid hours away from the hospital.  I am a little lonely here at home, but have a lot to keep me busy and Roger’s sister Persis is home to keep me company until the others return.  I have been blessed with a smooth and healthy pregnancy and have been lucky enough to be able to continue all of my required work here for HOME. The most surprising event happened at our last ultrasound when we found out that our BABY GIRL Mugabi is actually BABY BOY Mugabi! What a surprise! A total adjustment to make…and a boy name to find.  And so now, we are happily anticipating the birth of our baby boy.  They say he is healthy and that his lungs are fully developed and ready, so that even if he was born today – he would be fine.   We are so thankful to God for health and access to good doctors and hospital care. Thanks also to all of you who remember us in your prayers, we feel them like many blessings falling like rain when we need them the most.

We have submitted all the necessary paperwork for applying for Roger’s Visit Visa and are waiting patiently for the decision…we hope to have it by the end of next week.  Please keep us in your prayers as we wait, and as we receive the decision. We are hopeful that we will be visiting you all soon.

Thank you all for the love and prayers, letters, emails and encouragement you send our way. It is amazing how connected we can be despite distance and time. Thank you for the time you take to communicate with us and the kindness and care that you show. We love you too.

Blessings and Love,

Lola, Roger & baby BOY Mugabi

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