Prayers of the people | May 10


od our Father, you want us to be as close to you as a branch is to the vine. Father, keep us close to you so that we, like the vine and the branches, become an extension of you and of your son Jesus, the Christ, our Saviour. Give us strength, wisdom and peace. May we, as the branch draws its nutrition from the vine, draw ours from you. God our Father, grow in us the fruits of your Spirit so that we may glorify you as your disciples in this world. Give your wisdom to the leaders of the Anglican Church and to the Communion worldwide. May we ever uphold your Gospel and your grace, to one another and to the world.
Let us pray to the Lord… hear us Lord of glory.

We praise and thank you for your presence amongst us. We acknowledge that only in you do we live and move and have our being and that apart from you we can do nothing. We pray for all who minister to your gospel in our midst. We pray for the bishops, priests, deacons and sisters of the church. Especially we pray for Jamie and his family. Bless him with your grace and guidance so that he may be able to do that which you have called him to do. Fill his cup so that it is overflowing with your love, presence and peace.
Let us pray to the Lord… hear us Lord of glory.

We pray for all those who minister with you in this community and city. May they be immersed in your grace so that they may give it readily to those who need grace. Father, thank you that despite criticism and popular belief, your church is still very visible through your people who do your work with those who are homeless, sick, hungry, infirmed and by the quiet gentle testimony to neighbours and co-workers. Continue to enable us to be your light in this world so that your name will be glorified.
Let us pray to the Lord… hear us Lord of glory.

We pray for those who need our prayers.
For the sick.
For the unemployed.
For those who grieve.
For those who have not met you as their God and Father.
And now we pray – out loud or in the silence of our hearts – for those we love and who need our prayers.
Let us pray to the Lord… hear us Lord of glory.

Thank you Father that you made mothers. Thank you for the many ways they have nurtured and loved us. Bless them Lord in their wonderful and sometimes difficult task. Thank you that you have made them in your image. We pray that those of us who no longer have mothers on this earth or who have not experienced true and loving mothering, may receive from you that which we lack.
Let us pray to the Lord… hear us Lord of glory.

Father, there is nothing in this world that can measure your immense love for us. There is also nothing that we can do to begin to repay you for all that you have done for us through the death of your Son. Here we can only sigh and lift ourselves and our love to you in gratefulness.


Written by Vincent Solomon for offering in worship, the fifth Sunday of Easter, May 10, 2009.

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