Prayers of the people | May 31


ome Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of the faithful and kindle in us the power of your love. Father, we are at Pentecost and we thank you for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As the first lesson captures the wild and visual, somewhat traditional perception it holds, we are also aware of its’ power to guide, lead, comfort and inspire us. Keep us open and responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit – in our vocations, in the sacred spaces where we invite friendship, enjoy family life and embrace community. May we be among those ‘who call upon the name of the Lord and are saved’.
Let us pray to the Lord, hear us Lord of glory.

We thank you for this season where our landscapes transform into a mute gospel by filling up our senses or by offering surprises of that bulb or perennial we forgot we planted. In a time where we are constantly being reminded to be kinder to the earth, make us effective stewards of the green spaces entrusted in our care, make us intentional in our daily commute and wise in the services and products we endorse. Thank you for this week’s commuter challenge that invites us to park the car and find alternative modes of transportation to our workplaces. As we move into summertime, may our routines and calendars be less hectic and more relaxed and our spirits open to rest and rejuvenation. Take us to the lake, the beach or the backyard to celebrate our personal vistas and unwind in a world wound so tight, we often forget to give our bodies rest, slow the pace, to smell those flowers, to breath.
Let us pray to the Lord, hear us Lord of glory.

We remember the names and faces that come to us via the media – both globally and locally. We pray for people living in the constant threat of war, particularly in Afghanistan, and as tensions are brewing between North and South Korea; those near natural disasters; or in areas prone to irregular weather patterns. We pray especially for those in our province who continue to recover from the power of the raging Red River during this years’ flood. As the seasons change, may the earth find its balance and be receptive to the seeds it will host. We ask for strength and comfort for those lives touched personally by war – we remember our troops lost; their wives, girlfriends, children and parents. Our prayers continue for the Sisters of the Church in Burlington and Lola and Roger and their Home Uganda Project. We ask for peace among nations, peace in our homes, and peace in our hearts.
Let us pray to the Lord, hear us Lord of glory.

As we are living through the ebb and flow of economic uncertainty, may our leaders steer us through with values of fairness, justice and equality. May we find creative ways of reciprocity in our global village, whatever that village looks like – as vast as the continent or an intimate as the street we live on. For all the events to raise money for causes, we applaud organizers and participants of walks, cycles and marathons – may resources raised increase the quality of life for people struggling with illness, grief and loss. Make us keen to give and take, to hold close and set free, to see visions and dream dreams.
Let us pray to the Lord, hear us Lord of glory.

This evening we are reminded of people around us and among us experiencing loss, sickness or personal barriers to move forward. May your holy embrace ease the deepest, darkest wounds to transform hurt and heartache into healing. Heal us so we can heal; save us so we can save. Please take a moment to give voice to those needing prayers at this time….
We ask your forgiveness of our sins and when we have failed you; for when we put our trust in ourselves, we take our eyes off of you. We remember those who have died, praying especially for the life and legacy of Gerald Folkarts. We ask your comfort to those who mourn.
Let us pray to the Lord, hear us Lord of glory.

For all the tables that characterize our movement at saint benedicts table, we enjoy the table of creativity in art; the table of hospitality in the sharing of food, of discussion and learning; the table of commitment to Agape Table; the table of worship in the sacraments. As we come to your open and inclusive table this evening, we thank you that there is no reservation necessary as you invite us to eat and drink at no cost. You are less concerned in who we are but that we continue to come. Fill us fulfill us, O Father with the power of your Holy Spirit; within, with others and with earth.


Written by Nancy Constantine for offering in worship, on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2009.

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