"Theology by the Glass" is on again

We’ve now begun our Summer series of conversations



e’ve now begun Theology by the Glass, our  monthly summer series of wide-ranging conversations.  The first gathering took place Tuesday May 12 at our new location, the “Confusion Corner Bar and Grill,” located at the intersection of Pembina and Corydon Avenue. They set aside space for us, and were quite happy to serve food or a drink or coffee or various combinations of the above.

For our first gathering we had a great conversation around an episode of the joint CBC/Pirate Media radio program The Age of Persuasion, entitled “Selling God.”  You can still hear the 27.5 minute podcast,so if you’re interested just click here and you’ll be able to access the streaming audio.

confusion-cornerimage1Just out of interest, The Age of Persuasion is co-written and co-produced by Mike Tennant, who is a member of a Mennonite Brethran Church in Ontario, and who will actually be in Winnipeg to speak at a conference at CMU later in the week.

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