Conversation Series | part 1

Conversation Series | part 1

faith, music and art

In March 2007, saint benedict’s table collaborated with Winnipeg’s Booth College in presenting what was billed as a “conversation” on the intersection of faith and culture.  We invited the writer and journalist Andrew Beaujon – a self-described agnostic and the author of Body Piercing Saved My Life: inside the phenomenon of Christian rock – to join a circle of musicians, students and interested church people in a series of conversations around his work on the Christian music subculture.  Among the musicians present were Larry Campbell, Jenny Moore-Koslowsky and Mike Koop, as well as Steve Bell, who was invited to offer a reflection on his own work as a musician of faith.

What we have preserved here in recorded form are the opening conversation-starters from two of the main sessions.  In the first installment John Berard – who organized the Conversation Series and who now works part-time with saint benedict’s table – offers an introductory framework.  Beaujon responds with an overview of his own work and Jamie Howison provides a reflection on the place of the church in the cultivation of the arts.

In the second installment – available by clicking here –  Jamie Howison gives a summary of our opening session, Steve Bell offers a look into his own experience of the music world, and Beaujon delivers a second presentation stemming from his written work.

There are two ways to hear this presentation (runs 40:22):

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