Why Do I Run?

Nancy Constantine reflects on her life as a runner



returned from my annual March visit with my parents in Florida after soaking up lots of sun, enjoying the refreshing pure clear water in the pool, and reaching a personal milestone of turning ‘50’. Once back in Winnipeg to the harsh reality and bitter cold of still winter, I began my 16-week rigorous ‘Running Room’ training for the Manitoba Half Marathon of June 21st. This was going to be my outward statement; my response to being ‘50’ and to the potential stereotypes from younger counterparts; my continued effort to invite balance of body, mind and spirit to my life. What I did not know when I set out on that dark Thursday evening of March 12th to meet Jay, our trainer, was how profound the last part of the previous statement would end up being on this journey.

Hearing my feet hit the pavement, often sensing the rhythm of my heartbeat, as well as the mysterious sense of a silent companion for the over 400 miles of training is reason to share my experience with my parish community. In retrospect, I wish I had journaled specific adventures as they unfolded, but I did not. As I am no longer a ‘Half Marathon Virgin’, I am ‘hooked’ and taking in the challenge of the Niverville Rock and Roll Run on Saturday, September 26th. With my senses keen, spiritual awareness fully engaged, and eager to share yet another sojourn, I will be submitting a few entries in the next couple weeks. May we walk, (wheel)chair, cycle, row or run – to keep moving forward….

Nancy Constantine

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