Books by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove


n mid-November, we’ll be bringing the writer, speaker and new monastic Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove to Winnipeg to take part in a series of events, and in preparation for that we’ve ordered copies of his various books to make available for sale.  Still not 30 years old, Jonathan has written four books, plus another two co-written with others.

He’s still in his 20’s?  Can he possibly have the seasoned maturity to be writing so much?  Well, according to Eugene Peterson, he  sure does:  “Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is bearing witness; he has been living for years now what he writes. Trust him. I trust him.”

So, thanks to the cooperation of Hull’s book store, we’ve been able to bring in copies of all of these books, and to make them available for sale at the church.  Hull’s has kindly given us a price-break, which means that even with the GST included we’ll be able to sell them for less than you’d pay at the book store.
The titles available are:

  • God’s Economy – $20
  • Free to Be Bound – $16
  • To Baghdad and Beyond – $20
  • The New Monasticism – $18

And the ones written with others:

  • Becoming the Answer to our Prayers (with Shane Claiborne) – $16
  • Inhabiting the Church (with Jon Stock and Tim Otto) – $23

Starting Sunday October 25 and running through the time of Jonathan’s visit, we’ll have these books available for purchase at the church and at the various events we’re sponsoring in November.

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