Prayers of the people | October 18


od our creator…
In these days of rapid technological advances where more and more discoveries are being made almost on a daily basis, it is hard for us, your creatures, to humble ourselves before you, the source of all knowledge and wisdom. We believe often that we have the answers to our own troubles and calamities, and when we can’t find those answers we often question you and demand that you give an account of why we good Christian people suffer as we do. God, the way you do things is so different from the way we think they should be done. Lord, forgive us for the depth of our ignorance. Forgive us for speaking with seeming authority and for uttering profundities that further revelation shows to be false.  God our creator, we submit ourselves in humbleness, knowing that we, and everything under heaven, belong to you and that ultimately you are in control. Thank you. Praise you.
Lord in your mercy…

Father through prayer you are able to heal us spiritually, emotionally and physically. We put our broken lives into your capable hands. Father thank you that you are more than able to help us and guide us to blessing and peace.
Lord in your mercy…

Father our lives seem out-of-control and we are in despair. We bring our problems to you so that the healing that is found in you may begin. Thank you father than you listen and that you have the power to rebuild even the most shattered life.
Lord in your mercy…

Father you admonished your disciples that true greatness is measured by how we serve others. You direct us to show love to all people. May we never be tempted to turn away from those who need our help. God heal our hurts so that we can help others get the healing that they need. God our saviour, you have a great history of deliverance, you are always willing to forgive and restore in response to the prayers of your people.

  • We pray for those who revel in violence and evil; Lord, deliver them.
  • We pray for those in prison – whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually; Lord, send your freedom.
  • For those in addictions – may they overcome in your victory.
  • For the sick – provide healing.
  • For the poor and needy – give daily bread and shelter.

And here we offer our prayers for those who are in our hearts…
Lord, in your mercy…

Jesus, you are the example of true greatness. You voluntarily veiled your glory to live on earth as God’s servant. The climax of this service, Lord, was your death as a ransom for many, You did this voluntarily, sacrificially and obediently. God, strengthen your people so that we may not be afraid but in Jesus to live your life and die your death.

Father, in this country and other nations of this world there are dark places where light should be shining. Violence prevails where people should be living in peace. God, raise-up your church. Give us voice to call upon you and then may we, your people, review the history of your working, count the promises of your grace so that your enemies may be rebuked.

Like little lambs before lions, may we your children live wisely and winsomely in your power, ready not only to pray but also to play an active part in the answer to our prayers. May we who call upon your name become the agents of your working.
Lord in your mercy…

Father, thank you for this body. May cooperation and peace characterize our interpersonal relationships. Thank you for those who minister in your name. For our bishop, priest, deacons and the sisters of the church. May they continue to strengthen the citizens of your kingdom.


Written by Vincent Solomon for offering in worship on October 18, 2009

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