A connection to Haiti, with a unique opportunity

Last winter, as part of our goal of giving a minimum of 5% of our offering income to ministries outside of our own church walls, saint ben’s sent a donation of $1000 to support the Education Medical Aid and Service (EMAS) Healthcare Mission to Haiti. Our connection to this work is through saint ben’s members Pierre and Daniel Plourde.  Here’s an update on how the work for 2010 is unfolding, and how others from the community can become involved. You can also find a great story archived from the Winnipeg Free Press, about how this medical work has extended onto the soccer field…


r. Pierre Plourde and his son Daniel are preparing for their next trip to Haiti from February 5th to 14th 2010. This will be Daniel’s fifth trip to Haiti, where he actively participates in a healthcare mission outreach to the community of Bon Repos (in Port-au-Prince), a deprived community where a local church has been running a feeding centre for up to 300 malnourished children since 1994 (El-Shaddai Feeding Centre) and a primary school since 2005.

Every January/February since 2004, Dr. Plourde has led a team to Bon Repos, where healthcare teaching clinics are run alongside local Haitian healthcare practitioners for one week. The teams have included various healthcare professionals and non-healthcare volunteers. Daniel helps out in the pharmacy, where he is involved with filling almost 200 prescriptions per day. Once the exhausting clinic is done for the day, Daniel finds time to have some fun with the local community while the rest of the team relaxes on the “sidelines”. In January 2007, Daniel established a community soccer program, with the help of donated soccer equipment. As soccer is Haiti’s national and Daniel’s favourite sport, this program has been very well received by the local community and has been deemed a major success, greatly enhancing the credibility of the team mission and our fellowship with local youth. As a result, Daniel’s popularity with the “locals” has eclipsed his father’s.

As Daniel prepares for his next trip to Haiti, he would be grateful for donations of any soccer equipment (new or used in good condition). It will be put to very good use, and will bring smiles to many faces in a place where smiles can be very hard to come by. Daniel would also welcome another youth member on the team (anyone who can manage in French and who has a heart for Haiti) to help him out in the pharmacy (and even out on the soccer field!).

For more information on how to get involved, please contact us, and we’ll connect you with Daniel and Pierre.

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