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Spiritual angles on H1N1

Winter is coming,  concerns about a possible H1N1 pandemic are filling the media and urgent questions seem to be everywhere. Apparently, more than half of Canadians won’t be getting their H1N1 flu shot – why? Are there any spiritual reasons for not getting vaccinated? Who can we trust – government? the medical community? the media?plourde_final

Someone with lots of answers drawn from many years of working in the area of infectious disease is Dr. Pierre Plourde – Medical Officer of Health with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Pierre has been involved with high level H1N1 discussions and is a member of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization.

He is also a member of saint benedict’s table and recently worked with Jamie preparing a recommendation for the church on what to do in the face of H1N1.

At the end of October Pierre was interviewed by Drew Marshall, the host of a southern Ontario radio talk show focusing on spiritual issues, and we thought we would post the audio of that discussion as a timely reminder to us at St Ben’s that we’re still grappling with these pandemic issues ourselves.

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Audio courtesy of the Drew Marshall Show.

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