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This is just a brief follow-up on the recent series of events we hosted with the writer and new monastic Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.  A longer reflection will follow at some point in the coming days…  You can take a look at a feature article on these events in the latest issue of the ChristianWeek, as well as a piece from the October 14 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.



s part of marking of our fifth anniversary as a worshipping community, saint benedict’s table has just finished hosting a series of events led by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.  We were very encouraged by the attendance and response at each of these events, and were actually quite struck by the tenacity of the 100+ folks who pushed through the traffic jams caused by the Santa Claus parade to attend an event this past Saturday evening.  It was also a delight to have Jonathan remark at the end of the liturgy on Sunday evening that “you folks really know how to worship.”  Of course that was just as Mike Koop and his ensemble had just led us in a smoking version of “Trouble Will Soon Be Over” by the gospel-blues legend Blind Willie Johnson…

I had the opportunity to get to know Jonathan about 18 months ago, at a writing program held at the Collegeville Institute, and I thought at that time that his was a voice to which our community needed to attend.  He was then just beginning work on God’s Economy: Redefining the Health and Wealth Gospel, which was recently published by Zondervan.  We will have copies of the book (along with his other titles) available for sale at the church for one more Sunday, but of course you can always get them ordered in as well.   You can get a really good sense of what makes him tick by heading into the Audio-Video section of his website.

Along with the public sessions we hosted, we also held a church round-table discussion with Jonathan on the Saturday of his visit, and he and I made the rounds of several local universities and colleges over  the course of the day on Monday and Tuesday.  We did make recordings at the major events, which will be available in CD format at some point in the not too distant future.

Jamie Howison

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