Prayers of the people | November 22


s a community of believers we gather to hear your word, learn your ways and be transformed by your spirit.  We each carry cares and troubles, we each are grateful for many things, we each have joys to share and so we bring them all to you. There is so much pain in our world this night, we cannot imagine where to begin.  We think of far away places, where water is not clean, and disease is all too prevalent.  We see images of hungry children, who are struggling to even exist.  We watch as people run for their lives during violent attacks.  It is all too easy to dismiss and become  disinterested, help us to remain compassionate.  Teach us to recognise the truth of each person’s value in your eyes.
Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.

Tonight we pray for your church, in the many ways it expresses itself.  Help us not to be narrow in our view or in our expectation of what you may be wanting to share with us.  Expand our horizons, melt the hardness of our spirit, and allow your spirit to flow freely and creatively among us.  We pray for the Home Uganda project as an extension of this  community.  We pray for the Sisters of the Church who have this day prayed for us.  We pray for our Diocese, our Bishop Don and all leaders who seek to follow your lead.
Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.

We lift tonight this community of saint benedictʼs table.  We give thanks for its direction, for the passion that maintains its spirit.  We pray for the leadership, for Jamie our priest, for Larry and our musicians, for John and his supportive ministry here.  There are many others within this place who shape, direct and form this community, all of whom serve you, and seek you in this gathering.  We seek your blessing for them.
Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.

Many are known to us who are sick in either body, mind or spirit.  Some are known to us whose lives are caught in grief.  Some are waiting to die, while others are waiting to live.  Help each one to feel your presence as we speak aloud their names…
For those named aloud, for these held gently in the stillness of our hearts and especially for those for whom we have forgotten, we ask…
Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.


Written by Helen Manfield, to be offered in worship on Sunday November 22, 2009.

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