Prayers of the people | November 8


et us call the community into a time of prayer.

God, we pray for a world of peace as we remember those who died in wars of the past on November 11th, we continue to guide us towards healing tensions between countries. Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

God we pray for all those working in health care facilities during this time of high demand for their services and shortage in staff.  May you use them as your healing vessels, and may they keep healthy emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

God we pray for Home/Omuka in Uganda in the care of Lola and Roger. May there be an increase in financial resources so more young people can live at the home and go to school.  We pray for the works of love of the Sisters of the Church in Burlington, Ontario.  We pray for Agape Table here at All Saints Church. May there always be enough food at Agape Table to feed all those who come to their doors.  We pray for all people who give their time and resources to various social agencies throughout Winnipeg. Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

God we pray for your Church today, may all the Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Church Councils, and facilitators of various ministries seek to serve all people, may they discern how to best lead, may they know how to best meet the needs of their communities. Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

Let us now take this moment to speak the names of those we hold in our hearts at this time.__________________.  For all those names spoken and unspoken, and for those we may have forgotten, we ask you God to take our prayers and may it be your will that is to be done. Lord in Your Mercy,  Hear our Prayer.

God we pray for all those who have lost a loved one this year. May all mourners find support in their communities and amongst their friends, and know that Christ journeys with them and connects with their deepest sorrow. Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.  Amen.

Written by Helen Mikolajewski, to be offered in worship on Sunday November 8, 2009.

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