Prayers of the people | December 24


e invite you to keep in heart and mind  all leaders of churches across the world, our Bishops, ministers, and all those who lead various ministries. May they feel God with us this day and celebrate their “yes” to the place where God has called them.

We invite you to keep in heart and mind those who live at Home/Omuka in Uganda, those served by the Sisters of the Church in Burlington, those who visit Agape table, and all those served by various ministries throughout Winnipeg. May these places always welcome those who walk through their doors and meet the needs of everyone to the best of their abilities.

We invite you to keep in heart and mind our environment. May we respect our earth’s resources, lessen our dependence on fossil fuels so our air is clean and safe, take care of our water so it is always safe to drink, take care of our earth by avoiding the deposit of chemicals and garbage, and be good stewards of our plants and animals that we depend on for the survival on the earth God created.

We invite you to keep in heart and mind all those seeking justice and an end to oppression, those who do violence so that instead they may seek healing and peace, those who are sick and are in hospital or live with a chronic illness, so they may be comforted and find relief from pain.  We remember those who are lonely without family or friend so they may know love, those who are unemployed without means to make a living so they may find work in the New Year, and those who are broken in spirit so they may find someone to journey with them.  Finally, we remember those in our prisons, may they find courage to know God’s love and be protected from harm.

We invite you to keep in heart and mind all those who have died this year, those who have had other losses such as divorce, finances, job, pets, and health.  May their losses be acknowledged and loved ones surround them at this time.We invite you to keep in heart and mind anyone you are concerned or worried about.

Written by Helen Mikolajewski, to be offered in worship on Christmas Eve, December 25, 2009.

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