a saint ben’s weekend away… the noisy version!


o, alongside of the contemplative retreat that we’re holding at St Benedict’s Monastery in February, we’re going to once again head out to Camp Cedarwood for a decidedly noisier and more active version of a church weekend.  The theme for this one is “Playing with Parables”, and we assure you that we will taking a very playful approach to some of Jesus’ stories.


Cedarwood is a comfortable conference facility with lots of options for indoor and outdoor activity.  Time to learn, pray, play, eat, and just relax together… and we promise, the schedule will have lots of time for the playing, eating and relaxing.  Last year on the same weekend, we caught some of the best weather of the whole winter, allowing us to use not only the ice slide but also to hold one of the greatest – and wettest – broom-ball games on record.  You’ll want to bring winter gear, but also to think about shoes or boots that can get wet; there will be a second round of broom-ball.

Broom ballThe weekend will begin on Friday March 19 at 7:00pm, and will conclude after lunch on Sunday March 21.  Meals will be provided on the Saturday and Sunday, with a snack offered on the Friday night.

Cost for the weekend is $95 per person, reduced to $46 for kids between 5 and 12, and free for children under 5.  We can arrange a reduced rate for anyone for whom this rate is prohibitive.

This is an all-age event, and anyone who considers saint benedict’s table as a church home (whether your primary church, or a second “home away from home”) is welcome.  We will be arranging for some child care support for the babies and pre-schoolers, giving parents a bit more of an opportunity to take part in the sessions.

You can submit your registration information via e-mail.  Please include the following:

  • Name (For families or couples, please include the names of everyone who is attending)
  • Phone number
  • Dietary concerns/allergies
  • If you will need a ride to Cedarwood, or alternately if you can provide a ride to someone else
  • If you will need a reduced rate in order to be able to attend

Again, to send in your registration via e-mail, or for more information, just contact us.

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