A weekend retreat at St Benedict's Monastery

Here are the details on our upcoming retreat weekend


o why would you want to sign up to spend a weekend of relatively free and unstructured time, hanging around at a monastery? Well, maybe because every now and then it is a really good thing to leave behind the television, phone, computer and everything else that distracts us and ties us down, to spend a few days just being… breathing, sleeping, walking, reading, praying, maybe having a conversation or two, and in the midst of that getting back a bit of focus in life.

St Benedict's Monastery

Maybe the real question is “why wouldn’t you want to spend the weekend of February 12-14 on our retreat at St Benedict’s Monastery?”

We have 20 spaces reserved for this retreat, which begins at 7:00pm on Friday February 12, and finishes up in the afternoon of Sunday February 14.  There will be a bit of structure provided, but not so much as to overwhelm a big part of going on retreat… which is to actually retreat from a whole lot of obligations.

St Benedict’s Monastery is located just north of the city, and has wonderful chapel spaces, a library, recreation room, and great places for outdoor walks.  All meals are provided for us, with no need to worry about cooking and dishes.  You can opt for a single room, or you can also share a room for a reduced rate.

The full rate for the weekend is $130 per person, with a reduction to $110 per person for a shared room.  Deadline for registration is January 29, but it would be really good if we could have registrations in before that date.  Payment is not due until the weekend itself.

If a lack of funds is the only thing preventing you from attending this weekend, please do inquire about a subsidy.

To register or for more information, please contact us.

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