Prayers of the People | April 18

Arise. Let your light shine for all nations to see! For the glory of the LORD is shining upon you. Isaiah 60:1 People who never before inquired me are now asking about me. I am being found by people who were not looking for me. To them I have said, “I am here.” Isaiah 65:1. God, your call to your church is to “rise and shine.” LORD, you do not expect us to rise and shine with heaven’s glow on our faces without you first shining your radiance into our lives. LORD shine upon us. Remove the load of guilt from our shoulders. May the frown of worry begin to disappear. Lead us to embrace the promise of eternal life. Fill our eyes with your light of hope. Help us to apprehend the beauty of your grace. Lighten our countenance with a quiet smile of inner satisfaction. LORD, when you become a present reality in our lives, our heats glow with your passion.

Father, open the ears of your church to your call to rise and shine so that people from all walks of life may we drawn to you. Father, may every underfed life within your church be a pulpit from which you proclaim clearly to people who may not be listening. “I am here.”

Singing, we call out to you…

God, our Almighty, it is not what we do that matters, but what you, our Sovereign God chooses to do through us. God, you do not want our successes; you want us. You don’t demand achieving; you want our obedience.

LORD, your kingdom is a kingdom of paradox where through the ugly defeat of a cross, you our Holy God is utterly glorified. LORD Jesus, by your example we come to know that…victory comes through defeat… healing through brokenness…and finding self through losing self.

We pray for the many whose lives are characterized by grief and loss….for the poor, the sick…for those in prison…for those who live with addictions and trauma…and we pray for those who you have placed in our hearts.

Father, our life function is to love you who created us…to care for others out of love and obedience to Jesus our Saviour….to heal those who hurt, to take away fear and restore community… to belong to one another …and to bring and proclaim the Good News while living it out. Father, may your church make visible the invisible.

Singing, we call out to you….

Father, we pray for our leaders. For our Bishop Don, our Priest Jamie and for all Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Sisters who minister to your children. Breathe your life into them. May their hearts continually beat with yours, our Sovereign God. May they be one with you and may they move as your spirit moves—where you choose—even if it is, as it often is, against the designs of humanity.

Singing we out to you…..

Father, we pray for the world. We pray for the enemies of the cross who see no need for forgiveness, who resent those who suggest they do. May they like Saul hear your voice and see you, our resurrected LORD.

We pray for the places in conflict….for those torn apart by war…..for those places that languish in disasters and catastrophes.

Father, in you there is no deficiency or shortfall. You are perfectly capable of running the world you created and have no problem managing the universe you uphold by your mighty power.

Father, show your grace and power to the world. Thank you that you are working out your eternal purposes in the world.

Singing, we call out to you…..

Written by Vincent Solomon, to be offered in worship on the 3rd Sunday in Eastertide, April 18, 2010.

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