The Wisdom of Stability

A friend of saint ben’s releases a new book


e really wanted to give notice of the publication of The Wisdom of Stability, a new book by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, who as many of you will know spent several days with us at saint benedict’s table in November 2009.  He’s a fascinating guy, is Jonathan.  A former student of Tony Campolo and Stanley Hauerwas, he and his wife and two children make their home in the new monastic community of Rutba House in Durham North Carolina, where they seek to live out what they believe to be true.  He also happens to be an incredibly down-to-earth and very likable character…

Jonathan launches into The Wisdom of Stability by saying that it is “a book about staying put and paying attention. In a culture that is characterized by unprecedented mobility and speed, I am convinced that the most important thing most of us can do to grow spiritually is to stay in the place where we are.”  Good words, and probably more radically challenging than most of us know.

With its appealing mixture of personal experience and reflection along with lively biblical interpretation, this is a book in the tradition of Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, demonstrating the wealth of wisdom that can come when we commit ourselves, as Wilson-Hartgrove writes, ‘to a place and . . . watch it change before our eyes.’  (From the Foreword, by Kathleen Norris)

Of course you can purchase this book online, but then again you might want to check with a local bookstore to see if they’ll bring it in for you.  After all, one of the things that makes stability possible is a viable local economy…

And you really should take a look at the brief, two minute video of Jonathan talking about this book that has been posted up on You Tube.

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