Bugs Bunny and high art

An invitation to teens (and others) to go a bit Looney…

On Saturday May 8, we’re planning to head over the the Winnipeg Art Gallery to take in an exhibit entitled The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons, and then to go to Booth College for a bit of supper and to use their recreation room facility.  This is geared for the teens from saint ben’s, but is not certainly not limited to that age group.  Anyone who wants to join us for the gallery tour and/or the dinner event is most welcome.

We’ll meet at 3:00pm in the gallery lobby, and then at 5:00pm walk over to Booth and settle in there.  With dinner and some time to shoot pool and generally hang around, things should wind down sometime around 7:30pm.

So, if you want to take a look at some of the art of the Warner Bros. cartoon world, do join us.  Should be fun.

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  1. byron says:

    I must confess a dirty little secret. My favourite cartoons hands down are the few Pepe Le Peu offerings, which are considered politically incorrect today.
    Chercez la femme!!

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