Jeremiah the drummer presents…


he other night, Jeremiah our dreadlocked drummer  assembled an evening of music, drawing on some musicians from around saint ben’s whose music needs to be heard.  You can get samples from a couple of these artists a bit further into this post, so do keep reading.  On Saturday May 1, we were treated to an intimate concert by Anthony Sweet, Aimee Lane, and Trish & Brad Vrolijk, and the 60 or so people who came out had a simply great evening.  At the end, the consensus was that we should do this again (you hear that, Jeremiah?), maybe a couple of times over the year.

We asked a very modest donation of $5 as admission, with proceeds to the medical mission at El-Shaddai Church in Haiti and to HOME/Uganda.  Given that we took in just over $300, and that our only real expense for the evening was the $25 pizza bill to feed those musicians, we produced a nice little piece of “found money” for these two ministries.

So, a little more info on who played that night:

Anthony Sweet is a contributor to Beautiful Mercy, our collection of original art, music and writing.  Samples of his music can be found at on his mySpace page.

Aimee Lane is a young singer-songwriter, whose voice is heard in one of our Sunday evening music ensembles.  She too has tunes available on a mySpace page, along with some video of live performances.

Brad and Trish Vrolijk are both involved in one of our Sunday night music ensembles… but they don’t  have any music posted on line… yet.

So, great music, free coffee (as usual, fair trade), and a couple of good causes.  Next round, you really should join us.

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  1. Geoff says:

    I have to say that this evening was a very enjoyable one. I was there with two of my sons and a friend and our consensus was that the music was top notch. Lets do it again soon! I’m also pleased to hear that you raised $300 for a couple of very worthy causes.

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