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Pierre and Daniel Plourde have now wrapped up their medical mission trip to Haiti – though Pierre is staying on for an additional week to extend the team’s work –  and by the time you read this Daniel and the rest of the team will probably already be at home.  What follows here is taken from a couple of e-mail updates sent out by Krista Waring over the course of the week.  This mission trip was supported in part by a congregational donation from saint ben’s.


ay 19, 2010:  It sounds like the heat is just oppressive! A couple of team members have had to deal with heat stroke. But the team is looking out for each other and still managing to accomplish much. Sunday’s activities included a worship service, where the new building was packed with people, a visit to another site where the school is temporarily ‘housed’ and a bit of soccer.

Monday and Tuesday were busy clinic days at ES-1 (the new building) with over 250 patients being seen. Colin, Nicole, Raph, Rachelle, Jesicca, & Daniel stayed at the clinic. For part of these first 2 days, James, Kristin and Branden also worked at the school site (ES-2). Pierre is trying to be where needed. Today Daniel will go to the school and Branden will help at the clinic; they hope to play a little soccer at the school today (depending on the weather).

Everyone is very impressed with all of the construction work that these Haitians have managed to accomplish without much in the way of heavy equipment. We’ll see what the ‘experts’ think as the eMi (engineering ministries international) arrive this morning.

In just a few days, they’ll be home with plenty of pictures, lots of stories and a huge appreciation for temperatures that are below 35 degrees.

*     *     *     *     *

May 22:  Aside from an hour and a half delay in leaving Haiti, it sounds like the first part of their journey home went well. Everyone is now taking something for stomach upset but all still able to go out for dinner this evening. Tomorrow evening everyone will be back home with lots to tell.

Just to give you an idea of how intense the heat is; Pierre said he went back to the tent to get something at 8:30 am one morning and the temperature was 51 degrees! Needless to say, they didn’t spend time in the tents during the day.

The eMi team is well on their way toward a design for the new Health Centre; church/school/kitchen/clinic & now they’re trying to add a small soccer pitch! They’ve tested the water coming from the new bore holes that were dug at each site. At ES-1 (where the clinic was held) the water is testing completely safe and at ES-2 (where the school has been set up) the water is clear and very slightly contaminated. So with the lifesaver jerry can that the team brought, this water is now completely safe as well. Having safe water at both sites is great news!

It is good to know that each of the team members has strong supports back home. Thank you for being part of that much larger team.

*     *     *     *     *

Note:  we’ll be posting something by way of a more complete overview of the work over the coming week or two, so please check back soon.

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