Prayers of the People | May 2

Icall the community to a time of prayer. We pray with confidence, responding to the invitation “Let us pray to our God” by saying, “Hear us, God of glory.” Living God, in this time of quiet, we ask you to hear us. We know you hear us, or, we believe you have promised to hear us…we think. Perhaps what we really mean is “help us to feel that you hear us.” And “help us to hear you.” We listen, and we hear the sounds of the city. We are not isolated from this world or its needs. We remember those who live in poverty and violence. They are part of us; we are part of them. We give thanks for those in our city and around the world who are working to care for each other and for our planet. We acknowledge that much still remains to be done.

In the quiet, let us pray to our God – hear us, God of glory.

We listen, and we hear the sound of breathing: our own, and our friends’ breathing around us. As a community of faith, we breathe together, remembering that life and breath are gifts of the Spirit who fills the church universal. We remember that the body of Christ is beautiful, and that no people group is excluded from its fellowship. We remember our brothers and sisters whose breath has been extinguished because of the faith they would not deny.

In the quiet, let us pray to our God – hear us, God of glory.

We listen, and our thoughts are loud with people who are dear to us, situations that perplex us, choices past and present that burden us. As best we can, we offer them to you, our God, confident that you care and can help us in our need. We take this time to speak aloud the names of those known to us…

For those spoken or held in the quiet of our hearts, and for those we have forgotten, let us pray to our God – hear us, God of glory.

We listen. We remember. We pray. For Agape Table. For HOME/omuka. For Chris Holmes as he prepares for ordination and a move to New Zealand. For the Kitchen Table and all who serve this faith community. For the sisters at St. Benedict’s Monastery and the Sisters of the Church in Burlington, Ontario. For those praying beside us, with whom we share the bread and wine.

In the quiet, let us pray to our God – hear us God of glory.

In the quiet, we remember those who have died, especially those whose anniversaries of death occur at this time. We hold our grief before you God, just as we hold our joy. Thank you for friends who walk with us in our sorrow. Thank you for babies and for grandparents. Thank you for life in all its terrible beauty.

In the quiet, we listen. In the quiet, we pray.


Written by Mari Raynard, to be offered in worship on the 5th Sunday in Eastertide, May 2, 2010.

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