"Power" – a Fringe Festival option


aint ben’s regular Robert Johannson is mounting a one-man play in this year’s Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and we wanted to pass along a bit of information regarding the production. Entitled Power, the production is written and performed by Robert, and focuses on the person and character of the key Winnipeg social reformer J.S. Woodsworth.

This is what the playright has to say about his production:

Caught up in an epic struggle for political power, J.S. Woodsworth retells the story of January 1926. Woodsworth, leader of the Independent Labour Party meets for dinner with William Lyon McKenzie King, the Liberal Prime Minister and ledaer of the first minority government in Canadian history. King invited him to dinner to discuss religion, politics, unemployment, the Winnipeg General Strike, the Ludlow Massacre, and King’s intentions in regard to Old Age Pensions and Relief for the Unemployed. A look at the timeless issues of principles, politics and raw political power.

Power runs at Venue 5: Son of Warehouse seven times during the festival; for details on dates and times, just click here.

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