Prayers of the People | July 11

As a community of believers in a living God we gather tonight and pray for the many needs of the world.  We pray for the wildlife that is affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, for the workers and volunteers who are helping with the clean up operation.    We pray this night for Lola and Roger at Home Omuka, we pray that they are safe after the explosions in Kampala today, be with them as they continue to pour out love and compassion to their found family of teenagers in Uganda.

As a community of believers in a gracious God, we gather tonight and give thanks for the gift of your church.  We recognise our inability to follow your teaching, we separate us and them, demonising the other.  This weeks bombing of pilgrims in Baghdad demonstrates our failure to understand. Help the families use grace as they journey through their grief. Help us to follow, help us to see, help us to help each other, as we all seek to serve you.  We pray for the leadership of this church, for Jamie and his family, for our Bishop Don, our Primate Fred, for all who lead and serve in your name.

As a community of believers in a loving God, we gather tonight and pray for the needs of this city.  We see many faces of those who are broken by the greed of others, many faces of the oppressed are right in front of us and we choose not to see.  We pray for the ministry of Agape table, who look right at those who are broken and serve them.  Break our hardened hearts, educate our ignorance, soften us to towards the needs of others, and teach us to welcome the stranger.

As a community of believers in a healing God, we gather tonight to pray for the needs of those known to us who hurt.  Their pain can come in many forms, from a physical illness, from emotional stress and mental strain, from a restless unsettled spirit.  Pour your healing oil on these wounds, we bring them before you as we take a moment to name them aloud…  For those we have spoken aloud for those we hold in the depth of our heart, and especially for those we have forgotten we cry out to you.

Written by Helen Manfield, to be offered in worship on the 7th Sunday after Pentecost, July 11, 2010.

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  1. stephen says:

    Thanx for that prayers am in IRAQ in baghdad but guys we still need your prayers and uganda needs theme thats my home land ilove u all in the name of GOD .

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