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Corinne Plett with news from the 3rd annual summer camp

Who knew “extreme croquet” could be so much fun!  Yes, extreme croquet!  This was just one of the uniquely creative ideas campers came up with for the 3rd annual saint benedict’s table day camp.  The camp ran August 9-13th, and what a fantastic week it was!  Fourteen kids, aged 9-15, eagerly arrived each day and were met by our four kids.  Some of the campers were from St. Ben’s, others came as a result of a connection to our family, and five of the campers were African immigrants who came through The King’s School transitional program, their participation in the week made possible due to donations.

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Our mornings were spent in skill development in the areas of biking and bouldering, where each camper was encouraged to challenge themselves and see what they could accomplish.  They worked hard, took risks, pushed themselves and we proudly celebrated all their accomplishments.  Capture the Flag, Noodle Hockey (yep, those pool noodles and a beach ball!), group bike rides at Birds Hill Park, a drum circle (thanks to Kalyn Falk) and free time where many kids chose to continue working on their biking skills filled our afternoons.  We stayed cooled down during this week of sunshine, heat and sweat with a massive water fight, huge containers filled with cold water so kids could run by anytime and dunk their heads, and a water slide down the slope of our backyard.

There was much laughter during our daily “Silly Stories” where horrendous wigs, 70s style outfits, and melodramatic scripts delivered the promised silliness.  And all the campers wanted to be in these crazy skits, which kept me up late the night before writing in parts to accommodate them all!  Biker Bob, Harry Canary and a militant lifeguard all made appearances and provided endlessly quotable lines.  Oh, did we laugh!

Windows to God was the name of the time each day where we explored together some of the “windows” we can look through to experience God and know him more, and that he can come through to meet us and speak to us.  What incredible insight the kids had as we shared our experiences of nature, listening prayer, stories, symbols, and art, music and dreams as ways of seeking God and being found by God.

Diversity of age and culture did not in any way hamper this collection of campers from becoming a group – their own unique community.  They connected, laughed together, created together, cared for one another, helped each other and shared from their hearts.

The African kids were such a delight!  Their smiles and laughter, their beautiful hearts, their faith and joy and their deep gratitude for the experience of each part of the week had a significant impact on all of us.

Enjoy the slideshow, and thanks to all who have offered so much encouragement and affirmation to our family.  Thanks for praying for us and the campers, and thanks to those who gave of their resources to make it possible for the African kids to receive the gift of this week.  Thanks to Francine Wiebe who drove seven of the kids out and back each day, and spent the days graciously helping in any way needed.  It has been an honour to share this experience with the St. Ben’s community and with each of the kids that were part of the adventure.

Click on the photo above to see a gallery of wild and crazy pictures from the best camp ever

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