Prayers of the People | August 29

L et us call the community into a time of prayer. Our compassionate God help us to focus on the living waters that you provide so we will, have faith you will provide us with deeper things than what we have or what we can buy.  For it is you God who gives freely his love, love that is for certain in all times good and the bad, let us respect and honor God’s love by humbly acting in ways that care for others and for the earth that God has given us.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our prayer

Our compassionate God bless us with the ability to see with your eyes the stranger, the poor, the person who is different from us for they are your children and in that we know we are brothers and sisters equal to each other and with a willingness to serve each other by giving each other our best in care, compassion, and support. May we remember Home Uganda that cares for the orphan, the clinic Pierre helps with in Haiti that cares for the sick, those in need of aid in Pakistan, the farmers of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the Sisters in Burlington, the Flett family who are going through a time of stress, and the people of Agape table.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our prayer

Our compassionate God we ask you to guide all Bishops, Priests, Deacons, leaders of ministries of your Church. Bless them with the gifts of wisdom, joy, health, peace, love, discernment, and leadership. We ask you that more people be called to serve in your church where they are needed the most.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our prayer

Our compassionate God we invite to our table of prayer and into our lives if an opportunity presents itself to be present to those struggling with violence in their neighborhoods, those seeking work, those who have chronic illnesses, those who are developmentally delayed, those who are physically challenged, those who live with mental illness, those in the hospital, those in our prisons, those who live on the street, those addicted to drugs both illegal and prescription, those who are abused, those who are grieving, and those who are alone,  may we invite them to take a front seat at our lives.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our prayer

Let us now take a moment to speak the names of those we hold in our hearts at this time….For all those names spoken and unspoken, and for those we may have forgotten, we ask you God to take our prayers and may it be your will that is to be done.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer

God we pray for support of those who have had a recent death of a loved one, those remembering an anniversary of a loss, or those who are supporting someone who is grieving.  Also we pray for the recent victims of shooting in the Philippines and remember those who died in New Orleans 5 years ago, may those left to mourn them be comforted.

Let us pray to the Lord, Hear us Lord of Glory


Written by Helen Mikolajewski, to be offered in woship on the 14th Sunday after Pentecost, August 29, 2010.

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