Prayers of the People | Sept 12

L et us all pray together. God, you are the ruler over all creation, nothing escapes you and nothing we do goes unseen by you. You care and nurture each of the moments in our day. You are always present and always among us. Lord we take this time to pray for all those in this world who follow You and think of those globally and locally who worship You. May we each take this moment to pray for a country in which we are aware of Your followers ; we ask that you would fill them with Your spirit and inspire beautiful deeds in their hearts.

Lord we cry out to You.

Lord I pray for the community of this church, st. benedicts table. I pray for the strengthening of relationships and for the courage to seek out others, acknowledging that we all play a role in this church just as we are all part of the larger Christian body. Lord we take this moment to pray for the person sitting beside us in our pew, we pray for them and their needs.

Lord we cry out to You.

Lord we pray for Your peace, that it would be carried throughout the world, that it would call out to those who do not know You, and that the sound of peace would resound with Your name. Lord we in this community take this moment to pray for this great peace that only You can bring. We each think of a person or place touched by violence which longs for Your peace.

Lord we cry out to You.

Lord we bring before You all those in our community who suffer: the homeless, the poor, the sick, the dying, those who have suffered losing a loved one, those who’s lives never feel settled, those who are searching but not finding peace. We especially pray for those who have died, and remember them and their families, knowing that the grief of losing a loved one is often unparalleled. We speak aloud and remember the names of those in our lives who suffer.

Lord we cry out to You.

Lord we thank You for daily surprises, we thank You for friends, and we thank You for miracles. We praise you for Your beauty. We ask that you bless us this week and inspire us with your amazing love and wisdom, let that love pour out onto everyone we meet this week. May we truly seek to live as Your disciples. We ask all these things in Your name.


Written by Kate Schellenberg, to be offered in worship on the 16th Sunday after Pentecost, September 12, 2010.

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