Prayers of the People | Sept 26

Father, we come to you this beautiful autumn evening aware of the abundance from the earth, grateful for the beautiful scents and scenes of our changing landscape, and thankful how the sunshine and wind have absorbed the water from days of rain.  As the readings suggest hope among restoration, faith found by salvation and ongoing purchase of houses, vineyards, and fields.  May we assume responsibility and fulfillment in our vocations, pleasure in our hobbies and passions, and sincerity in our faith, making us stewards in discerning the paths you have drawn for each of us.

May your mercy come quickly to meet us.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

With candidate platforms in the upcoming civic election, we pray for equity as we know wealth is no mark of God’s favor nor poverty no mark of God’s displeasure.  May all citizens participate in the political process, regardless of economic status.  As weather patterns continue to create havoc worldwide, we continue to pray for Pakistan, for the B.C. coastal reserve and Newfoundland, hit by a hurricane this week.  As we consider the plethora of needs around the world, within our nation and perhaps across the street, may we not wait and pine that for that which we don’t have while neglecting what we already have.  Make us keen to give and take, to hold close and set free, to see visions and dream dreams.  We ask for continued safety for troops in Afghanistan and that settlement progress will not impede the peace process among Israelis.

May your mercy come quickly to meet us.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.

In our community of Saint benedicts table, we pray for our leaders – Jamie, Larry, John and Helen and for many others that lead, facilitate and mentor.  We thank you for the gift of Gord Johnson – our Artist in Residence.  For the many tables that we meet at – Breakfast Book Clubs, Theology in the Dark, Home Communions, may we expand our spirituality through dialogue and dining, education and engagement, and conversation and communion.  We pray for those who have recently relocated from us, located to us, and who intersect with us at various venues, we welcome the strength of ideas, the beauty of art, and the wisdom of teachers.

May your mercy come quickly to meet us.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.

Father, we pray for capacity builders that work tirelessly for causes that effect positive change and increase consciousness.  Specifically, we remember Rupert’s Land Wechetowin and their 30 km walkathon yesterday for restorative justice education; for the Niverville ½ marathon also yesterday to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.  This evening, we are reminded of people around us and among us experiencing loss, sickness, and change.  May your holy embrace ease the deepest, darkest wounds to transform hurt and heartache into healing.  Heal us so we can heal, save us so we can save.  Please take a moment to give voice to those in need…. We remember before God those who have died and pray for those whose lives are characterized by grief.  We remember Mari and her family as they mourn her Grandfather in the East Coast.  Lord, what we have not, give us; what we know not, teach us, what we see not, show us, and what we are not, make us.

May your mercy come quickly to meet us.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.

Once again, we thank you for the banquet set before us; that no matter if we are hungry or full, you welcome us.  Make us gracious guests to the most Holy of Hosts.  May the gifts of this table extend beyond these walls – so as we are given, so we can give.  As we move into a new week: May the light of God surround us; The love of God enfold us; the power of God protect us; the presence of God watch over us; For wherever we are, God Is.


Written by Nancy Constantine, to be offered in worship on the 18th Sunday after Pentecost, September 26, 2010.

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