El Shaddai Church in Haiti: among the first to rebuild!

This is an update on the work in Haiti which we’ve supported…

Please note: A display of the work of EMAS in Haiti, along with a sale of  Haitian Painted Metal Art Work is slated for Saturday November 13 from 10 to 4  at the  RA Steen Community Centre, 980 Palmerston Avenue in Winnipeg.  Stop by, take a look, say hello, and maybe even purchase  a Christmas gift…

Update #9 – September 2010


he January 12th earthquake may have left the original El Shaddai church/school/feeding centre/clinic/hurricane shelter as a heap of rubble, but 18 weeks later people from the community walked into a newly constructed building at that very  location. The May 2010 El Shaddai/EMAS teaching clinic took place in this well built, beautiful, one story structure that stands as a testimony to the amazing leadership of this faith community and the faithful generosity of the EMAS community. This building was the only completed new construction that the team saw as they traveled around Port-au-Prince last May!

This week, the El Shaddai community is back at work, installing lights, outlets and ceiling fans in their new building. This new structure was given top marks as both a hurricane and earthquake shelter so it will continue to be used by the community long after the future El Shaddai Ministry Centre is built at the second  site.

During the past summer weeks, the eMi (Engineering Ministries International) Team continued their work. They have produced a detailed plan to develop the second site. The plan has been heartily endorsed by the Haitian elders and delivers a church/hurricane shelter, 14 room school, kitchen, washrooms, clinic, guest suite and small soccer pitch. This plan uses materials and methods that are earthquake resistant and accessible to the  community. It also allows for construction to take place in stages as funding is raised.  The construction drawings will be ready for a December ‘Sod-Turning’ ceremony.  We’ll soon be sending out a brochure with lots more detail…

The temporary El Shaddai  Primary School Shelter was built along the security wall facing the future clinic.  This week, the El Shaddai community is also busy with a few improvements to the shelter so students/staff are better protected from the wind and rain.  There are 130 children registered for the new school year which starts next week. The El Shaddai Primary School is for both boys and girls. Students in grades one through six wear blue uniforms and the students in the 3 kindergarden classes (3, 4 and  5 year olds) wear pink uniforms. The nine classes all have university trained Haitian teachers and there is a total of 20 adults on staff.  This means that 20 households have a small but regular income.  And while at school, these eager students are able to learn, play, rest, eat a meal, drink safe water and access toilet facilities.   All of this is made possible through your EMAS donations.  (We also received a grant from the Christian Medical Dental Society-CMDS to help make the water & sanitation projects possible)

Finally, if you’d like us to come to speak at a church, school, work place or club event, simply contact us through the saint ben’s website,  and we’d be happy to set it up. Thanks for the support!

Krista & Pierre

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