Why we do what we do…

Making sense of our liturgical practice and symbols


very year or two we try to set aside a Sunday evening liturgy as an “instructed Eucharist,” which is basically our usual Sunday service with some added comment and instruction added in to the mix. Because this is done without any formal written sermon text (the sermon time being given over to a general overview of the shape of the liturgy and some teaching around the meaning of some of our symbols), this post is offered in audio form.

What follows here is a recording of that sermon teaching, just a wee bit of the singing offered as the table is set, and the entire eucharistic prayer complete with my “editorial comments.” The audio runs just under 30 minutes. There are three ways to listen – press the arrow below,  use the left sidebar audio widget or you can download the audio from the SBT iTunes homepage.

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Jamie Howison

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  1. byron says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. For me it is enlightening…an education into the traditions, and a reminder that these traditions are meant to hold the same power today as they did in the distant past.
    I am reminded of something Steve told once about the Somalians stopping in mid-journey for no apparent reason.
    “We are waiting for our souls to catch up to our bodies..”
    This is a healthy reminder to focus on the importance of what is being said. A reminder to stop and think about what we are saying is a good thing.

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