Embracing Advent


e’ve now entered into the season of Advent, one of the most evocative times in the whole of the Christian Calendar. With its themes of watchfulness, preparation, and openness to God’s continuing inbreaking into time and history, this season stands as a challenging alternative to the way in which our society tends to skew the deeper meaning of the great Feast of the Incarnation which we’ll celebrate over the 12 Days of Christmas (which don’t actually¬†start until¬†the 24th of December after the sun goes down, and then run through till the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6).

There are some marvelous online resources to help ground us in Advent, including one called Love Revealed, produced by Trinity Church, Wall Street in New York. With a daily reading, music and short video for each day of this season, this remarkable little resource might just help you to stay grounded in an Advent awareness. To access this resource, simply click here.

You might also want to follow the daily calendar produced by Grace Cathedral in San Francisco; another very creative approach to the season. Again, to access this resource, simply click here.

In whatever way you can, do make some time and space during this busy month to slow down and consider the deeper themes of Advent… they’ll do you a world of good in a culture inundated by piped-in Christmas songs and high pressure marketing schemes.

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