Prayers of the people | November 7

L et us all pray together. God we ask You in Your greatness and in Your mercy to encourage those in this world who would seek to follow You. Lord we ask that You would lead us in your ways and guide us in our constant searching. We pray for our brothers and sisters, Lord captivate our hearts and minds with awareness that we are all intertwined,  joined and united as one body. Fill us with the desire to act in love towards those we know and those we do not. Lord I pray for the community of this church, st. benedicts table. I pray for the strengthening of relationships and for the courage to seek out others, acknowledging that all of our hearts long for meaningful relationships.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.
O God, ruler of this earth, we pray to You for those who are lost in this world. We pray for those who are involved in gangs, those working in the sex trade, we pray for those who have no home and no sense of peace in their surroundings. We pray for the people who suffer at the hands of violence daily. We ask that they could know deep peace in their hearts, without fear. Lord remind us that when our hearts break for others, they break for Your purpose, fill us with Your strength to take action when our heart is breaking for the people around us.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord now we bring before you all those in our community who are suffering, all of those who have un-met needs. God we ask you to be a presence in their lives, we ask for their healing. We take this moment to name aloud those in our lives who suffer…. For those named aloud, those spoken in the silence of our hearts and especially those we have forgotten…

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord we remember now those who have died. We remember moments of joy shared with them and we thank you. We also remember the grief of losing them and we run to You for comfort and ask for Your peace.  For those who have died and for those left behind, we ask Your blessing.

Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord take these prayers and accept them, Bring about these things that we ask, for Your glory. Nourish us and strengthen us as we live in the unfolding story of walking with you every day.


Written by Kathleen Schellenberg, to be offered in worship on the 3rd Sunday before Advent, November 7, 2010. /strong>

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