Music is Worthless: the lyrics


ere are the lyrics for Music is Worthless, the saint benedict’s table album by “Mike Koop’s Multitude of Sins.” For reasons of copyright, we are unable to post the words for both “Ball & Chain” by Mike Ness and “Pressing On” by Bob Dylan, though they are not hard to find elsewhere online.

This project is now available on iTunes. If you happen to be someone who likes the actual hard copy (which we think is a good thing), in Winnipeg the album is for sale through the church, at Into the Music, The Winnipeg Folk Festival Store, and Music Trader. For information on placing an order, please contact us.

And by the way, the disc received a nice review in the Winnipeg Free Press, which you can see by clicking here and scrolling down their page.

1. Music is Worthless
music is worthless
music is worthless
like a lover is faithless
the kids
they could care less

music is worthless
music is worthless
you’re not going to make it
nobody listens

why sing along
why sing at all
why waste your breath
don’t waste your breath

‘cause music is worthless
music is worthless
music is worthless

music and words by Mike Koop
©2010 Recently Declassified Records

2. Ball & Chain

music and lyrics by Mike Ness
©Sony/ATV Songs and Rebel Waltz Music

3. Save Me
a kiss before the day breaks
a curse upon my headache
getting dressed I try to choose
I don’t mind
born to lose

save me
‘cause if I can see the sunrise
I just might make it to twilight

a promise made is laid to rest
it’s found a place deep in my chest
I stumble upstairs with half steps
but fail to miss this whole mess

pray for me
that I might find you

music and words by Mike Koop
©2010 Recently Declassified Records

4. Take it Down
so this is where you’re staying
I wondered where you’d go
whether living space or hiding place
I promise I won’t tell

it’s nice to turn the lights out
pretend you’re all alone
safe secure without a care
at one with the unknown

you want to hear the funniest thing about this
it’s not hard to learn how to take a joke

you take it down
you don’t go down with it
it’s not worth your time at all
so take it down
don’t go down with it
there’s more to life you know

now I’m not making light of
all that you’ve been through
it’s just my job some jerk like me’s
supposed to pick on you

daylight’s always waiting
as dreams go up in smoke
so throw away the empty space
you tried to swallow whole
music and words by Mike Koop
©2010 Recently Declassified Records
5. I Woke Up This Morning

I woke up this morning
with my mind set upon Jesus
I woke up this morning
with my mind set upon Jesus
I woke up this morning
with my mind set upon Jesus
hallelu, hallelu, hallelu-lu-ia

I woke up singing…

I’m saying my prayers…

I’m walking and talking…

words traditional, arrangement by Mike Koop

6. Useful Illusions

I wrote you into this story
I hope that’s okay
if it seems a little hokey
just throw those pages away
now I’ve never been one
to remain calm
so in the face of helplessness
I’m sure to move along

I could tell the truth to you
but it’d only break our hearts
to let go of our useful illusions
about who we really are

I do not care to lose you
to a goal I can’t attain
after all I’ve put you through
I know things won’t be the same
I’ve been trying
to work out what to say
when you ask me for answers
when you ask me to explain

most of your trouble
is not worth the time
you put into finding
what I want to hide
that my reasons aren’t
at all reasonable
that my conscience will clear up
when you stand on your own
music and words by Mike Koop
©2010 Recently Declassified Records
7. Desert Song
This is where I face you
in my hunger and my thirst
I don’t think any skin can protect me
with this land so anxious to hurt
Am I ready for the worst?
Every trick from kiss to curse?
I hear how well you’ve rehearsed
this temptation; chapter and verse

It occurs to me
just how easily a sparrow falls
so when the word comes to breathe
I find a voice I give my all
I am ready for your worst
every trick from kiss to curse
I know full well how you’ve rehearsed
but hear me now you dam has burst
so leave me here with my thirst

Rain will fall and sun will shine
a desert blooms in its own time
and though we all return to dust
someone will come to sweep us up

music and words by Mike Koop
©2010 Recently Declassified Records

8. If I Have No Love

If I speak in all the tongues of men
and of angels but have no love
I am just a resounding gong
a clanging cymbal
if I have no love

If I have the gift of prophecy
and can fathom all wisdom and mystery
and if I’ve faith that can move mountains
but I’ve no love I am nothing
If I give all I possess to the poor
and surrender my body onto the flames
but have not love
I am nothing

music and words by Mike Koop
adapted from 1 Corinthians 13
©2010 Recently Declassified Records

9. Time Well Spent
don’t tell me all about
how you count your doubts
as you cry yourself to sleep

don’t hum “We Can Work it Out”
while I twist and shout
just so you’ll hear me
hear me

from amusement to irritant
to someone who helps to pay the rent
here I am
your time well spent

don’t forget about that night
when everything went right
to hell and back again

don’t ever compromise
the tears set in your eyes
tell me you believe me

… so often I’m offended
offending or just plain ignorant
but here I am
I’m your time well spent

music and words by Mike Koop
©2010 Recently Declassified Records
10. River

river carry me in your current to the sea
to the dark green depths you control
You always frightened me ’cause
I saw that you were free
in a way I never could know

river speak to me tell all about the peace
waiting at the bottom for my soul
water wash me clean of all the tired dreams
that I cling to so long as they hold

river comfort me in your cool hands I’ve release
from every misfortune I have known
I hear you whisper peace as I float like a leaf
finally knowing where the wind has to blow

music and words by Mike Koop
©2010 Recently Declassified Records
11. Pressing On

Words and music by Bob Dylan
©1980 Special Rider Music

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