Prayers of the People | December 12

D uring this season of expectation and watchfulness, we come before you this night in prayer.  The lessons are rich with examples of the Healing Messiah where spiritual disabilities are corrected and John the Baptist has cried out His Announcement of the coming of the Christ.  As we navigate through the busyness of the season, keep our senses sharp and less distracted.  May our eyes be fixed on the light coming out of darkness, the promise of Solstice and the beautiful and most humble display of Christmas lights throughout our neighbourhoods.  May our ears flush out redundant commercialism and be replaced with quiet festive music, the crackling of a warm fire, the laughter of children, and engaging conversations with family and friends.  May we slow down, breath,  and assume a rhythm alternate to the wider culture.  As we watch, wait, and wonder.

L ord In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.

As we live with both prosperity and privilege, make us conscious of moments where Christ is reborn in the Bethlehem of our homes, vocations, and daily lives.  Taking time to visit a lonely soul in hospital, sharing resources with charitable organizations,  finding creative ways for benevolence this season – will awaken us to the Divine Mystery that looks so common, so ordinary, yet so wondrously present.  During this season when time spent with families is so precious, we remember our troops in Afghanistan, families with circumstances that separate them, those facing poor medical prognoses, those recently bereaved.  As we watch, wait and wonder.

Lord In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.

This evening, the pulse of the world is racing.  We pray for Haiti, where violence has resulted in frustration, desperation and tragedy.  For homelessness and helplessness resulting from unsettled weather patterns such as flooding, mudslides, fires and earthquakes, we ask for tangible relief efforts as well as emotional and trauma support.  Locally, we continue to pray for the Dubois Family as well as eventual recovery of Nathaniel Thorassie.  During this time of year when our schedules are overwhelming, give us the capacity to make wise choices with our time and energy, keep our streets safe from reckless and unsafe drivers and may we continue to accept the challenge as greatful stewards of the earth.  As we watch, wait and wonder.

Lord In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.

We remember those known to us needing prayers at this time.  For those facing economic challenges, clinical issues of the body, mind or spirit, whatever the need, please take a moment to mention aloud or in your hearts folks who desire a shift of their experiences.……For those who have died, grant them peace; to those who mourn, comfort.  We remember the life of the Right Rev. Dmytro Luchak who was buried in Edmonton yesterday and whose family return to Winnipeg this evening.  As we watch, wait and wonder.

Lord In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.

As we form our circle of Eucharist around your table, thank you for filling and fulfilling us with the power of your body and blood.  Forgive us any sins that stand between the intension of this meal.  May we examine ourselves as we look within for what we have failed to do; as we look outward in the exchange of the peace and our impact on relationships with others; and as we look upward to the challenge of your call.  May we, in response to that call; do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.  As we watch, wait and wonder.

Lord In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


Written by Nancy Constantine, to be offered in worship on the Third Sunday in Advent, December 12, 2010.

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